While (active and non-active) aging is increasingly recognized in society and in the biomedical sciences as one of the most pressing issues of this new millennium, it has received surprisingly little attention in philosophy and related fields.

This is why Civitas Vitae Research Centre has decided to organize a special two days workshop in Padua, starting on the 13th of december 2019.  The goal of this workshop, which is an invitation-only event, is to bring together philosophers of science and bioethicists to discuss the metaphysical, epistemological, and ethical implications of aging, broadly construed, as well as the philosophical implications of extant assistive and biomedical practices.

Here are the  the speakers who will attend the event:

  • Alessandro Blasimme: Care for the old age: from long-term facilities, to homes, to community
  • Giovanni Boniolo: Human aging: The question of identity between cognitive and physical decline.
  • Stefano Giaimo: The concept of aging in evolutionary biology: a first philosophical analysis
  • Justin Garson: Ageing and the Metaphor of “Evolutionary Neglect”
  • Sara Green: Big data and human ageing
  • Nancy S. Jecker: When Autonomy Fails: New Values for Old Age
  • Marco J. Nathan: Does anybody really know what time is it?
  • Silke Schicktanz & Mark Schweda: Ethical issues in an ageing society
  • Jonathan Sholl: Health states vs. health-spans
  • Christopher Wareham: Aiming to die and longing to live longer

The workshop is organised with the collaboration of the Health Ethics and Policy LAB of the ETH Zurich.

In the next days we will publish here their CVs and  the abstracts of their addresses.